Vampire Diaries Season Six Scoops from NJ Convention

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This past weekend I went to my first Vampire Diaries convention in New Jersey.  Of course Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley were there, as well as Michael Trevino, Zach Roerig, Todd Stashwick, Callard Harris, Arielle Kebbel, Michael Malarkey, and Daniel Gillies.

Here’s some highlights from Ian and Paul’s panels with some scoop on the upcoming season 6.

During Ian’s Q&A panel, he let it slip that this is the last season of The Vampire Diaries and it’ll be “vintage.”  There was a collective audible gasp from the audience before he clarified that television contracts, at least, last 6 seasons.  He said a few times that they want to go for quality over quantity.  When someone yelled out for him to go to The Originals then, he said he would never do that.  6 years of 23 episode seasons is more than enough for him.  When he’s not working on the show, he’s busy saving the world one crisis at a time through his various charities including ISF.

We’ll have to wait and see if there’s any official announcements that this will be the final season.  On one hand, I get the whole quality over quantity thing and maybe it is time.  On the other hand though, I really can’t imagine watching anything other than TVD on Thursdays at 8.

Damon will definitely be back in season 6.  He’s headed back to work this week, shaving his hiatus beard and cleaning up his shaggy hair for the role.  He sounds excited to work a lot more with Kat Graham, given where the show left off with Damon and Bonnie essentially stuck on the Other Side and being engulfed in white light.  Someone in the crowd yelled out “but Damon’s dead!” and Ian pointed out that he’s been dead for 5 years now.  Touche!

Paul Wesley confirmed in his exclusive Gold panel that Steroline will be happening in season 6, but it’ll be a slow burn.  I wasn’t there for that panel, but I would definitely imagine that there was a mixed reaction from the very vocal audience.  During his normal panel open to everyone, he said he’ll be directing an episode again tentatively scheduled for the middle of the season.  He sounds like he really enjoys being behind the camera, so good for him!  He did an excellent job on his episode this past season.

Other random highlights:

  • Zach Roerig said that Matt Davis is like a spiritual shaman.  He helped soothe his daughter when she was a baby with some crystals and prayers.
  • Daniel Gillies was another charmer up on stage.  He said they’re trying to find a new style for Elijah, but nothing feels quite right like the suits.  He just doesn’t want that to become a Halloween costume, which apparently he’s already seen a little boy dressed up like him with a suit and his TVD season 2 bad hairstyle (for which he apologized!)
  • Daniel has struggled a lot with Elijah’s decisions to support his brother.  He calls Elijah an enabler for Klaus.

If I had gotten the chance to ask a question, I would have asked Daniel more about season 2, but oh well.  I’m sure lots of good stuff will come out of both shows’ SDCC panels in a few weeks!

[Photo via The CW]

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