Matthew Schuler’s Shock Exit on ‘The Voice’ Final 6 Elimination

Chris Norton December 4, 2013 0

the voice

And then there were 5….

Season 5 of ‘The Voice‘ featured it’s final six contestants on Monday with each vocalist performing two songs. Last night one of those six was eliminated. To the surprise of many, 21-year old Matthew Schuler from Yardley, PA was not saved via Twitter when it came down to him and James Wolpert. Schuler was believed by many to be the favorite to win the competition after the first couple weeks of competition, but things went south quickly the past two weeks.

Why? It’s tough to call. Why would the record-setting performer be in the bottom group of vote-getters the past two weeks. First, we really have to look at coach Christina and her song selection. Schuler showed the world he was able to wow with his iTunes chart-topping performance of ‘Hallelujah’, but his performances the last two weeks were good, but nothing special. It’s a strange thing to say because Schuler is a special talent, but the songs really didn’t allow him to elevate his game like previous weeks. Thus, while other performances were reaching new territory, the audience was left wanting with Schuler which ultimately lead to his elimination. Don’t feel bad for him though, he’s going to make it in the music industry without question.

There are now five performers left and anyone of them could win. Kudos to Adam Levine for having all three of his performers left from the final 12 competition. You’d have to think he’s the favorite to win by sheer numbers, but Team Blake’s Cole Vosbury and Team Christina’s Jacquie Lee were clearly the top performers this week. The semifinals are up next week.

[Photo via Trae Patton/NBC]