Why I’m No Longer Watching The Voice

Nice make-up ChristinaYeah, so I’m pretty much done with this show. I won’t pretend as if it will miss me as a viewer. By all accounts, this show is a hit. NBC has already ordered a second season and even slotted it to premiere in that coveted spot after next year’s Super Bowl.

I watched all of the episodes up until missing The Voice two weeks ago. It was Tivo’d, but I never felt as if I needed to watch it, and when it was time to watch the next one, I didn’t make it a point to catch that either. As each day went by, I didn’t click on either of the saved recordings in my queue, and never did I feel like I was missing anything. No co-worker came up to me to ask whether I saw The Voice last night. I didn’t hear or read about anything spectacular that took place on the show. Weren’t the live performances supposed to have started? I mean, this is what we were supposedly waiting for, right?

So when I finally took the time to watch the past two shows I missed, I found myself fast-forwarding through both episodes, pausing just long enough to determine what song was being butchered and if the coaches said anything worthwhile. I don’t think I made it through an entire performance, and the coaches never said a thing controversial, critical, or amusing. I didn’t even care for when these supposed performing juggernauts covered Queen, in fact, it just showed how terrible an actual singer Cee-Lo is.

What happened to my interest in this show? While I never viewed it as a must-watch program, I always looked forward to watching it and then writing about it to post my thoughts on this website. After some thought (not much, mind you), I think I’ve identified the following three things that has caused my waning interest.

I’m ‘Idoled’Out Look, I get it this show isn’t trying to be Idol (yes it is). The judges don’t judge (yes, they do), they coach (no, they don’t). They are developing their own talent (Hi Frenchie!). Carson is not Ryan (True. Carson makes approximately $49.7 gazillion dollars less than Ryan and is more difficult to dislike). When it is all said and done, after 5 solid months of watching Idol, I am simply not interested in another reality singing competition. Besides, my summer is spent watching reality dancing competitions.

I Don’t Care About the Coaches we are supposed to view these four coaches as heavyweights in the industry, and while I thought each of them were initially, their participation in this show only served to diminish their careers in my eyes. I haven’t really learned anything more about them other than Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have more tattoos than I thought. Cee-Lo seems like a nice guy, but after those moments when he spun around in his chair after first hearing the contestants, he seems more interested in the performance than the actual singing. I mean, did he really make those two teenage girls sing ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy?’When a coach thinks that is a good idea, there has to be some serious questions raised about whether he was trying to sabotage those girls. As for Christina any interest in her is purely mean-spirited on my part. She has become a freak show in her appearance. In fact, as if her resemblance to a certain horror movie puppet wasn’t enough, Christina chose to torture us further by resurrecting Lady Marmalade with her largely talentless group of women. If I had to choose between watching that again or cutting off my foot with a dull, rusty hacksaw, I would seriously need some time to think about it.

I Don’t Care Who Wins In the end, indifference can destroy the momentum of any television program reality or otherwise. After seeing the contestants, the format and the performances, I simply don’t need to see any more because I don’t care. In fact, can we just give the title to Javier Colon and call it a day? I saw very little talent outside of this guy, who’s likeable, good-looking and can actually sing. Need we see more?

Not me. I’m watching So You Think You Can Dance.


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