‘The Voice’ Semifinal Performances Leaves Door Wide Open for Tonight’s Elimination

Chris Norton December 10, 2013 3

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The semifinal performances of Season 5 of ‘The Voice’ took place last night with no one clearly dominating the field. Team Adam, with all three contestants left, left coach Adam Levine all smiles last night, but we’re not so certain his full squad will be safe headed into tonight’s elimination. There will be two artists eliminated from tonight’s show. Here’s the rundown:

James Wolpert (Team Adam): Wolpert’s coach picked U2′s “With or Without You” for his semifinal performance. It was clearly a song that both individuals loved and believed could bring Wolpert out of the bottom of the pack. Last week, Wolpert needed to be saved via Twitter so clearly he needed a huge performance if he was going to move on. Overall, Wolpert’s rendition was fantastic and he really displayed his ability to transform a classic song into his own.

Will Champlain (Team Adam): The underdog that everyone is rooting for performed “Carry On” by the indie pop band Fun. As noted by all the coaches, this was the first time Champlain wasn’t “all business” and looked like he had fun with the performance. Will is the guy I want to win this competition, but his performance didn’t stand out at all last night. With two people going home tonight, I’m very nervous for Will’s chances.

Jacquie Lee (Team Christina): The third performance of the night was the 16-year old sensation Jacquie Lee who performed Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”. Christina nailed this pick for Lee. It’s a great song that can take her to the finals. While Christina raved about her performance it wasn’t anything memorable. Lee is a clear favorite to win. She fits the mold perfectly. However, last night didn’t guarantee her anything.

Cole Vosbury (Team Blake): Blake Shelton’s only contender, Cole Vosbury, took a shot at performing Garth Brooks’ “Shameless”. Vosbury stands out in the competition as which one of these is least like the other. Unfortunately, Vosbury’s versatility is the most limited amongst the contenders. I thought his performance of “Rich Girl” last week was one of the better of the season. This week Cole needed a home run and he was just another solid performer.

Tessanne Chin (Team Adam): The final performance of the night was Chin performing “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Apparently, Chin had some personal issues that we’re not aware of, but it was an emotional night for both her and her coach. Tessanne is super-talented and performed well and she may have earned the sympathy vote on this one.

As for tonight’s elimination, it’ll be more of a popularity contest than based on last night’s performances. No one stood out as exceptional yesterday so things like sympathy for a crying Tessanne will ultimately help her move on. There are two obvious picks. Chin will get the nod because she seems to have a intrigued following and she cried. Jacquie Lee also seems to be popular among voters and she fits the mold of contestants who win shows like this. This leaves us with the three male performances. I have no clue. I am rooting for Will Champlain, but I think Vosbury has a stronger following. I’ll go Vosbury and be disappointed.

[Photo via Trae Patton/NBC]

  • Anonne

    Tessanne’s performance was outstanding. It would be more than just sympathy!

    • Emily

      Tessanne’s not my favorite to win, but that is 100% true.

    • tony tan

      Tessanne unfortunately should not be in this talent completion. She is a seasoned pro who is renown in her country and has three top singes. She has opened for singers like Gladys Knight and been a seasoned singer for 15 years. I mean one of the singers she is competing against is 16 years old. Shame on you, The Voice as this supposed to be a talent completion for amateurs and for singers who hasn’t made it in the music industry. The X FACTOR had a contestant this year who lied about her experience and success in the eighties and she was voted off. Hopefully the American public does also the right thing and vote off Tessanne.