18 Cool Facts About The Walking Dead You Might Not Know

Season 8 of The Walking Dead is officially back and as we all know it’s going to be all out war with Negan and his crew. But let’s recap a little over the past 7 seasons and think about all that’s happened in that time. Sometimes it’s hard to remember all of the archives of the show.  I for one completely forgot about Norman Reedus and his short hair.  Plus isn’t it hard to remember Grimes without an eye patch?  Here are some Walking Dead facts to refresh your memory.

I think it’s reasonable to assume that a lot of people have been wanting Darabont back since the beginning. He breathed the kind of life into this show that we are all glad to see. From then on it’s been a lot of hit and miss. Thankfully there have been more hits than misses.

HBO passed on a show because it was TOO VIOLENT. Are you serious? Have the HBO execs ever sat down and watched an episode of Game of Thrones? There’s typically more violence in the first five minutes of GoT than there is in an episode of The Walking Dead.

I bet that was a nasty surprise for Michael Rooker when he had the SWAT team just about breathing down his neck. It might be wise to let it be known that you’re filming before shooting scenes that could alarm people like this.

That must have been a blessedly ignorant universe before the outbreak. Zombie is a word that’s been used in multiple universes for years and years now.

And yet the number of bullets that exist on earth at any given moment would have easily allowed the surviving humans to annihilate the walkers. Of course that’s assuming that people get along and aren’t scared off by the walkers first.

You mean you have to walk stiffly and learn how to groan convincingly?

This kind of thing has been done on numerous sets. The division between groups is often used to foment certain emotions or at the very least make it known that there is a definite divide.

It makes sense really that something that’s already decaying would only get worse and worse as time goes on. The walkers might still be able to get around but at one point their bodies are just going to rot.

That’s pretty interesting. At what age is she is his stunt double though? That’d be a pretty small woman if she was doubling for him as a kid.

As it’s told, Daryl wasn’t even supposed to originally be in the show since he wasn’t in the comic book. As it turns out most fans can’t stand even the implication of parting with him now.

This is another thing done in a lot of shows and movies. On the set the mic can only pick up so much and a lot tends to get lost in live action.

It still looks gruesome, especially when they’re ripping at it to get a mouthful.

That’s got to be a difficult job. Try telling all those extras not to blink with all that makeup on when it starts getting hot out and the sweat starts to pool near their eyes.

It’s very interesting how the most innocuous items can have some of the most interesting effects.

Something tells me it’s a heavy hitter as well. I’d advise only serious enthusiasts to take a whack at using this bad boy.

He was a great addition to the story really, as Andrea seemed a little too contrived and kind of boring after a while. In the comics she’s supposed to be a lot better.

This might be a big DUH moment since it’s kind of obvious that no one’s going to dismember anyone just to play a role, and tucking their arms in might have seemed too obvious.

Seems like he lost all drive for the show once his friend was let go. That’s too bad, Dale was a favorite character of a lot of people.

So how many facts did you know?


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