A Few Bone Chilling Theories About Terminus Ahead of The Walking Dead Finale


I am sorry to say it, but without a doubt, a (or maybe even more than one) character you love from The Walking Dead is going to die in this upcoming season finale. As you know, the end of the season revolved around all the prison survivors making it to “Terminus”, which no one knows anything about, but seems to be the only option, as it promises peace and safety for all who come. Thing is, they have sent us some hints before the ending about Terminus, believe it or not. Not only that, but having played the entire Telltale game and having read the entire comic book, I have put some things together and have a pretty solid idea of what Terminus will be. Put it this way, the lady was preparing a grill when they all showed up for a reason.

So, let it be known, Terminus is not good. First of all, it was named after an Atlanta railroad from the 1800’s (in real life), so there is a bit of history for you. Next up, do you remember when Carl and Michonne were going through houses earlier in the season? Well, do you remember the painting they found. When you watched last week’s episode, did you recall the painting. Well, I did, as did many others. That painting was of Mary, the leader of Terminus, and it looked like someone had stabbed it and bled onto it. No, seriously. That does not bode well for them.

Next up, we need to understand, this is The Walking Dead. Good things no longer happen to these people. So if you think this will be some kind of safe haven, nope. Also, if you look on IMDB, the description for season five of Walking Dead is that the group are out on their own again on way to D.C, with Rick trying to help them find a safe place to stay. This tells me Terminus did not play out like it should.

So what is it? What is Terminus?

Well, all my money is being bet on the fact that it is a place for cannibals. They live off each other. The comic and the game based huge story arcs around the fact that cannibals are very much something they all have to contend with. Don’t forget, that is (SPOILER ALERT FOR COMIC BOOK) Dale went out in the comic. He gave those mo’fo’s a piece of his infected leg bite, laughing maniacally, knowing they all poisoned themselves on his meat. It was brilliant.

The last and final clue that I am right just comes down to the fact that Mary was getting  grill ready (with no meat around) and the first thing she told them is she would prepare them a plate. No, no. Much like episode two of season one of the game, these people are not what they seem.

So who will die next week? Well, truth be told Maggie burning that picture was pretty darn cryptic, and where I come from, that is called foreshadowing.

I will be back next week to brag about how right I was about Terminus, so stay tuned. The Walking Dead finale airs at 9:00 p.m this upcoming Sunday night.

[Photo via Gene Page/AMC]

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