Conan To Interview Full Cast of Walking Dead At Once

Remy Carreiro January 22, 2014 0


Conan O’ Brien is the man. He has a natural candor most late-night talk show hosts have to force. On top of that, the man does not shy away from a challenge. For example, Conan is set to interview full cast of The Walking Dead at once. Keep in mind, Conan has done this before. Most recent example being the guys from Workaholics. But all the Walking Dead cast at once? He’s going to have his hands full.

The Wrap has the story, but we juiced the best bits for you, as there’s nothing else you need to know except when it airs, February 6th. So make sure to tune into TBS on February 6th so you can see Conan interview the whole cast of The Walking Dead.

Okay, I do have one thing to add. Spoiler alert here for the first half of this season, so jump ahead if you have not seen it. Hershel died at the very end of the season, so I REALLY hope he is on the panel with everyone else. He has been a huge part of the show, and for him not to be there would be wrong.

Heck, maybe someone can just bring his head? Better than nothing.

[Photo via Steve Jennings/Stringer]