Five Reasons Season Three of The Walking Dead is Kicking Season Two’s Ass

Paul November 13, 2012 2

Like many of you, I was excited for the return of The Walking Dead this season. I’d liked the show previously, but often times particularly in season two, it managed to veer into “awful” territory with poor character decisions and a slow moving story.

But now season three has arrived with a vengeance, and the show is better than ever. What sort of improvements did the show make over its past season? Why is it so much better now? Well, let me explain.

The Central Location is Far More Interesting

Hershel’s farm was just not an exciting place to visit once, much less for an ENTIRE season. Once the gang arrived, they just plopped down and stayed there for what seemed like forever. Yes, there was the occasional walker and the barn full of them, but it was a relatively dull place until they went on the road somewhere.

But now with the prison? It’s far more exciting and dangerous. Though certain “zones” are clear, the zombie threat is ever present as proven by last week’s tumultuous episode. The additional dynamic of running into new people within the prison complicates things further. In short, Hershel’s farm was a boring safe haven while the prison feels dangerous at all times.

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  • Matt

    Carl did shoot Lori fyi, that zombie that Rick killed with the bloated stomach had eaten Lori’s entire body. They end show the used bullet that killed Lori was on the floor, and Rick picked it up.

  • Wilmah

    Carl did shoot his mom, just another zombie ate her corpse