Five Things The Walking Dead Needs to Improve On Right Now



Good lord, am I sick of the way guns and gunfights are handled on this show. First it was when the invaded the prison and none of their guns, from shotguns to sniper rifles to magnums, had any sort of recoil. Then last night, we have that disaster of a gun battle. Due to budget constraints, there’s no sense of place in fights like that. It was just quick cuts to people shooting at each other, but there was almost no indicator of who was where, and it was a mess from a choreography perspective. And don’t even get me started on the Governor standing out completely in the open.

  • Michael

    Have you read the comic books the actually issues, they are trying to do the best with what they have to make a show that can generate money and be able to take a 30 page comic book and make it into a 40 min show. I think they are doing a great job at what they have. Rick does go crazy in the comic book and there is no point to where the story is supposed to be heading. The point of the show is survival that’s the only point. The only problem I have with the show is the lack of characters, the ones that were in the comic book are no where to be found. And the fact that they killed Dale off way to early means we won’t get to the cannibals section of the comics.

  • Robert

    Where is it going ? The show is about survival and trying to maintain humanity after the world as we know it has ended. It’s an adventure not a specific destination. As as far as Rick going mad the leaders are always affected the most he took charge and had everyone follow him, and therefore feels somewhat responsible for every loss of life. Not to mention he was forced to kill his best friend, and his wife was devoured before he could claim the body and have any sort of closure, and that was after his only son had to shoot her in the head!

  • Eddie

    You wrote some valid points, but the problem of complaining about characters or plot points NOW is that the episodes we see have been in the can for weeks. There are no major adjustments that can be made until probably next season. Also, what endgame are we looking for in a zombie apocalypse? It’s not like Lost where we want to see the survivors get rescued and back to their normal lives (or end up all dead from the crash). The show has stated that there’s no cure; that there are pockets of survivors all over and zombies are everywhere. Even if there is a cure, civilization as we know it is over. People would have to start from scratch. Besides that, what interest would the show generate WITHOUT survival from the zombie apocalypse? Isn’t that the point of this show, which is an endless zombie movie? The show isn’t about complex convulted plots, soap opera drama, romantic elements or light at the end of the tunnel conclusions. It’s about normal and imperfect people trying to survive in an unthinkable apocalypse. Its basically a character-driven show with only one scenario. What other direction is it supposed to follow?

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