My Hopes For The Second Half of The Walking Dead Season Four

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Well, it’s almost here. Shambling at us like a zombie pulling itself with no legs. I’m talking about the second half of season four of The Walking Dead. It was a strange season so far, focusing on the Governor more than anyone else. So we are left to wonder, with the Governor dead, what will happen next? Well, I can’t tell you what will happen next, because I don’t know. What I can tell you is what I hope happens next. Here are my hopes for the second half of The Walking Dead season four.

First off, what will have happened to the group? As we saw at the mid-season finale, the group is most likely going to be split up. The first bus left well before anyone else left.  Even if they have a meet up spot, which is what was hinted at on The Talking Dead, it would matter little, as the group took some huge hits. How do you rebuild after that? Who takes what role? Where will they be?

I, for one, liked the prison setting. I know what happens in the comic book, but I also know the show never follows it. We could see the group finding an old, deserted neighborhood soon. But as you know with this series, that usually never means anything good. Just finding a place does not mean it is safe.

Also, with the Governor dead, who will be the antagonist? Truth is, no one knows. I vote for Negan (won’t say any more to spoil things for those who don’t know), but it might be wise of the show to lay off the major villain aspect for a while and just let the group deal with the walkers and their own growing issues.

Few other lingering questions. Do we think the baby is dead? No. I genuinely believe that the bloody baby carrier was used to throw us off. I would like to think the baby went with the first group on the bus. I also think we may be seeing Carol again, but that is all I will say about that. Either way, I liked how the show ended, mid-season, and am genuinely looking forward to see where the second half of the Walking Dead season four takes us.

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