Mysterious Commercials Say Verizon May Drop AMC

Paul November 26, 2012 6

Something strange happened to some people watching The Walking Dead last night. They received a brief commercial message saying that Verizon may soon drop AMC in yet another cable company dispute.

There’s a website now online,, that is now plastered with similar messages, Verizon customers might lose AMC.

It’s strange though, the only news I can find about this online are a bunch of very confused forum posts on AMC and Verizon sites that are from people who saw the ads. And there’s no details on what exactly is going down here. Even on the “keep AMC” site, when you click on the “learn why” part at the bottom, it just redirects you to a page about “what you stand to lose,” listing AMC, Sundance, IFC and others as channels Verizon customers might lose. There’s nothing to indicate WHY this is actually happening.

And why IS this actually happening, if it is? Last time the dispute with Dish was over fees to carry the channel. Dish didn’t want to pay more because they’d pass the charge along to consumers which would upset them. AMC didn’t want to cave in because they know how in demand their channel is. Plenty of blame to go around.

But thanks to a well orchestrated PR campaign, AMC won the war. And again now, everything I read on the forums is people yelling that they’ll drop Verizon if they drop AMC. No one is really stopping to ask if AMC is starting to charge ridiculous prices for their content.

More on this as new details come to light.

  • Dan

    I was thinking the same thing, when this sort of thing happens to one carrier I think maybe the cable company is being stingy. When we start to hear about this from multiple companies it makes me think AMC is bending them over a barrel.

  • Androidoc

    Completely agree. With Dish there was a confounding issue, the VOOM lawsuit. This does not apply here and it really sounds like a case of AMC greed. Even though customers stuck with AMC on the DISH dispute, I’m not so sure they’re going to do the same again this time.

    The website they setup for this reason looks like it was setup overnight, a complete joke, rehashing what their TV spot that kept interrupting last nights episode of the walking dead.

    If this is the way AMC wants to play it, perhaps Verizon should create a separate package for this provider like HBO and see how many subscribers they get that way.

    Subscribers of traditional methods of delivering content via cable and satellite are on the decline while video through online means(roku, netflix, crackle etc) is increasing. (

    Perhaps it’s hightime for an ala carte TV provider to emerge (like C Band was in the 1990s).

  • Eric West

    AMC is being irrational. They are in the middle of negotiations with Verizon and they are leveraging viewer loyalty to get their way. It worked with Dish so now they think it will work with Verizon. Greed is the keyword here. Verizon put out a statement that there is no plan to drop AMC. And I believe that. So, I don’t know why AMC is sounding the alarm. This is an irresponsible move while negotiations are under way. From now on, I will be ignoring AMC’s pleas for petition. I believe Verizon before I will believe AMC.

  • dj

    I’m sorry but overtime hbo and showtime and other cable channels have had to go to war with providers when they had good shows, does that mean the time for channels to be rewarded for there good shows is gone. We don’t know what the negotiations are but if it was hbo we wouldn’t hear about it because the providers acknowledge their fan base and would negotiate this is simply AMC saying they have collateral and refuse to be rolled over and they do. So what if they are asking for more can anyone honestly say they don’t deserve it.

  • Enrique

    If AMC wasn’t trying to be so cryptic and actually explained why this may or may not happen with Verizon I would probably be on AMC’s side more. I am willing to bet money that contract renegotiations are coming up soon and before even talking to Verizon AMC is already starting a campaign to scare Verizon costumers into bombarding them with threats of dropping Fios, even though it’s a superior cable company to anything else out. Dish is a joke. If AMC wants to be greedy a-holes than I’m fine with illegally downloading The Walking Dead episodes, or better than that, wait for the seasons to come out on Netflix. The Walking Dead is the only good show AMC has now anyway. Comic Book Men blows.

  • Matt

    AMC…available on Cable and Satelitte…not available on Verizon.

    Oh god make it stop. Please make it stop.