New Walking Dead Season 5 Poster Warns “Hunt or Be Hunted”

Walking Dead Season 5 Poster

The fifth season of The Walking Dead doesn’t premiere for over another month, but AMC wants you to be prepared to “hunt or be hunted” when the zombie drama returns in October. At least’s what the new tagline for this season five poster, which features Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) holding his trademark pistol while appearing to hideout somewhere in the woods, says.

When we last left the survivors on The Walking Dead, the group (aside from Tyrese and Carol who are still out wandering with Rick’s baby daughter after telling Lizzie to “look at the flowers”) had arrived at Terminus, a place that many of them believed to be a place of hope and possible salvation.

However, as the foreboding season four finale illustrated for us, Terminus isn’t exactly the welcoming home that Rick and company were hoping for. Instead, it appears to be a cannibalistic society, and Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and the other survivors may be the Terminus citizens’ next meal. Thus, the “Hunt or Be Hunted” tagline for season five doesn’t simply apply to the zombies this time around but to the humans who will likely be tracking down our favorite characters as they do everything they can to fight off both the living and the dead.

If you need to catch up on The Walking Dead, which remains TV’s most watched show among adults 18-49, or want to refresh yourself on season four before the fifth season kicks off, you can now watch all of season four’s episodes via VOD services or

Season five of The Walking Dead premieres on Sunday, Oct. 12, at 9 p.m. on AMC.

Photo via AMC

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