One Character We Hope To See In New Season of Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead will be shambling back into our lives next weekend after a long marathon on AMC of all the seasons in order. With the first half of the new season steadily approaching, we cannot help but think about some of the things we hope the show does this season. While we wish for a long, gory stay at Terminus, who knows how that will play out. While we hope Carol reunites with the group and becomes the new leader, who even knows what is in store for her and Tyreese this season. But one thing we have heard we may see is the one thing we want to see, and it is not a thing. It is a brutal human character brought over from the comic. His name is…..


The name alone makes fans of the comic and source material shutter. He sis a ruthless character, with far less tact than the Governor (which tells you something) and in the book, he become the embodiment of evil for the group. The Walkers sort of are like a second tier threat once they meet Negan. I thought they were heading in the Negan direction with the group that Daryl fell in with. But that ended (violently) on the end of last season. so that’s a no-go. But rumors point to the fact that Negan will appear in 2014 on The Walking Dead. 

But, that fills me with two feelings. One, excitement because I know how intense and important a character he is and how he could really mark a turning point for the show. The second feeling is nauseous fear because I know what he does. Either way, I think he will be the shake up this show needs right about now. Oh, and to get all you people excited who know nothing about him. All I will say is this. He carries a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, and is more apt to use it on humans than walkers.

Guess we will just have to wait and see….

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