Rick and Carol Roadtrip: Walking Dead Wanders Even More Off Course

wdThere is a lot I could talk about regarding last night’s episode of The Walking Dead. While I could spend whole paragraphs talking about how every new person is a loose cannon and why they are keeping them makes no sense, I won’t. I could also talk about how this dreaded super flu that was killing people in twelve hours has conveniently slowed down a great deal since it has infected two major cast members, but I won’t. I could also talk about how a show that had a new baby born into it last season has done literally nothing with that baby, but I won’t. Instead, I want to talk about the road trip Carol and Rick took, and just how it ended. Yes, there will be SPOILERS ahead.

So Rick and Carol decided to take a road trip to try to find some supplies. Truth is, this was more Rick needing to get Carol alone so he could confront her about murdering two (sick) people. Flash forward, they find two more people (say what you want, but the two new people were definitely an odd nod to Jesse Pinkman and Jane from Breaking Bad, at least in my mind). Anyhow, Rick ends up confronting the all new, all unfeeling Carol about what she did and she tells Rick yes she did it and he has to get past it. She was simply trying to keep the group alive by killing the virus. She also claims she spared those two people painful deaths.

Rick doesn’t say much about this, but we see him toiling. Under the surface, we see him thinking. By the end of the episode, one of the hippies has been eaten, and the other one is nowhere to be found. This is pretty much Carol’s fault, and she just reminds Rick that this is how life is now, and they need to move on. That, my friends, was it for Rick.

Suddenly, as they are readying to go back to jail, Rick tells Carol she is a loose cannon, and if anyone at the jail finds out she is the killer, she will be in great danger. He explains how Tyrese will kill her, and she, again, shows no concern. So Rick is finally like:

You are not coming back to the prison.

He tells her she can survive on her own, and will be just fine, and even says she will probably “meet up with another group”. I thought that might have been an odd foreshadowing (I will call it right now. Carol has lost her mind, and is only in survival mode, so the next time we meet up with her, which we will, she will be with a group of cannibals. Mark my words), and then he just sends her off. This has me wondering: What will Rick tell the group when he gets back? The truth? Will he tell them she died? How will they react? Above all else, was Rick in the right to do what he did of his own accord?

Personally, I think not.

What Carol did was wrong, and her lack of feeling is borderline sociopath right now, but honestly, her survival instincts seem a lot stronger than Rick’s right now (right now, she is how Rick was last season, and Rick is how she was second season). As much as it is enthralling TV, I still stand behind the fact that this season feels poorly plotted out, and the pacing, though quick, is quite strange. Oh, and they keep introducing new characters just to kill them off. This is Walking Dead, people. Kill some people we love. Show us the threat on a level that makes us react emotionally.

So what were your thoughts on last night’s episode and Rick’s decision?

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