Season 4 of The Walking Dead Season Is Said To Follow The Comic More Closely

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) in The Walking Dead, Season 3

All you rabid fans of The Walking Dead comic, who have been complaining that the show has not followed the structure and story of its source material closely enough, we have some good news for you. It seems as though some photos from season four have been leaking all over the internet, and all you need to do is take one look at Rick’s hand to know, season four may actually follow some of the most interesting plot lines of the comic. Warning, spoilers ahead.

As much as I was one of the people singing the praises of season three of The Walking Dead because it seemed the most on point with the comic, by the end of the season, those similarities had waned, and I was again, left scratching my head as to why they were deviating from such awesome story lines. Well, now, thanks to one photo, some of my fears have been put to rest.

Followers of the (frankly, superior) comic look at that hand and they know just what (PROBABLY) happened. While I will not go so far as to spell it out for you here, I will give you a couple TV themed hints:

Rick and Jamie Lannister could be best friends after next season.

Rick and Buster from Arrested Development could also become steadfast friends.

Rick might want to befriend dead zombie Merle so they can start a support group.

And one last hint, this time focusing more on music than TV, but I think it still fits:

Rick could try out and be the new drummer for Def Leppard.

Okay, so I feel like we pretty much just laid it out for you there. Like a severed hand. But remember, kids, The Walking Dead show LOVES the drama it incites from slightly changing things from the comic, so don’t be surprised if that leaked photo is not hinting at the plot development we want it to.

The Walking Dead is kind of evil like that, and that is exactly why we keep watching.

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  • LEM

    There’s no way he’s losing his hand. Kirkman even said he wished he hadn’t done it in the comics and logistically it makes no sense for a TV show.