Small Details on Walking Dead Spin-Off Start Surfacing

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We had all heard that The Walking Dead was getting a spin-off, but then we all heard nothing. For many fans of the series, the news was good, but distressing. Where would it take place? Would it be a spin-off based on any one character? How will it affect the show we already know and love so much? Well, some info has slowly started leaking out and we can make some early assumptions on some of that as to where this new spin-off may go.

First of all, no characters from the regular show will be on the Walking Dead spin off. We know it will take place in the same universe, but that is all the show will have in common with its predecessor. Well, that and zombies, of course. Ooops, we meant Walkers. Another cool thing about it is that it will have COMPLETELY new lore. Nothing based of any of the comic cannon at all. So even fans who have read every issue will have something completely new to sink their rotted teeth into. We know the show runner will be David Erickson, who was worked a lot on Sons of Anarchy in the past. We have to stop calling it a spin off and start calling it a companion piece, as a spin off usually implies former character. Yet the Walking Dead spin off has none. So it is a Walking Dead Companion show. Pretty cool!

So stay tuned for more news on this intriguing Walking Dead Companion show, as it would prefer to be called.

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