SPOILERS – The Walking Dead 3.04 “Killer Within” – Redefining Game Change

The Walking Dead‘s third season has already made huge changes in the characters as well as the locales.  We’ve seen Rick’s group shift between extremes; indigent scavengers living on fear and constantly on the run, to the well supplied, well protected haven of the prison; and of course the gruesome battle that lay between.  With this week’s “Walk With Me”, we also saw something quite unexpected: a pocket of humanity where civilization seemed to be taking hold, under the guidance and ‘wisdom’ of the charismatic sociopath called The Governor.  The most significant changes, however, may be yet to come.  Warning: spoilers ahead.

I caught a peak at The Walking Dead 3.04 “Killer Within” this past week.  As a summary review I would say it is probably the best episode of The Walking Dead to date.  Of course pilots always have a sort of ‘position zero’ in the list of the ‘best’ episodes of any series, but believe me: when I say “Killer Within” is number one, I don’t mean ‘among the best’, and I definitely do not mean the number one spot is a toss up in any way.  Without blowing any of the major reveals absolutely, let me drop some big hints on what you can expect.


The taking of The Prison was sort of the pinnacle of action for The Walking Dead as a series, until “Killer Within”.  If taking The Prison showed us how Rick and company had become experts in zombie killing, “Killer Within” shows us how those skills hold up when the group is divided and unexpectedly invaded by walkers.  A whole herd of them.  The result is an intense chase and fight sequence that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Dodging Bullets

Is there any question that Andrea and Michonne will never leave Woodbury without resistance?  The Governor is affording them every opportunity to stay in Woodbury by their own choosing, and his offers to let them leave with their weapons are becoming more and more difficult to believe.

NEXT:  Fate Wins, and Drama Surges

  • SuzyQ

    Please spill the beans…..I hated Walk with me – too boring, and no Rick means no fun.

    Who dies – Lori? Carl? Carol?

    PLEASE tell…..

    • ad

      You’re too dumb for The Walking Dead SuzyQ. Go and f**k yourself.

      • ad

        PS: Your mom dies.

  • http://www.twitter.com/tvovermind Jon Lachonis

    Mum’s the word. :P

    • K.B.

      Cheeky, John. Very Cheeky.

  • Paxford

    Well let’s say this…how confident were we that those prisoners were the only survivors in the prison before Rick’s group arrived…?

    • http://www.twitter.com/tvovermind Jon Lachonis

      Well, in terms of how it relates to this episode: very.

      • Paxford

        Awww, that’s legitimately disappointing for the comics fans.

        Bet placed:
        T-dog – dead
        Carol – dead
        Daryl – locked in a closet with little hope of escape

        • Jon Lachonis

          Well there will be time for those elements to play out. Just not in this episode.

          • The Other Beth

            Okay, so if T-Dog and Carol aren’t the ones who bite it, who’s left who has been with us from the start? Lori, Carl, Rick, Glenn and Daryl. If I’m being incredibly nitpicky, Daryl wasn’t there from the start. He came in 3 episodes into the first season. Of those, Glenn would be a shocking and unexpected death for sure.

          • Paxford

            OH MAN, Jon. Mad props for dropping just the right amount of tantalizing hints without giving away too much. You’re a credit to journalistic integrity (absolutely serious).

            I am beyond pumped for next episode.

  • Josh

    I’m not sure if this is too spoilery to have answered, but…..you say two characters that we’ve been with since the beginning answer to ‘fate’. Maybe this is just me being too tired to think after a long day at work, but by that, do you mean DEATH?

  • boomtown

    Please tell me one of the deaths is Carol.

    • joshua

      no i heard that tdog saves carol and tdog gets killed and ripped apart… also someone else said that lori dies from being tripped which kills the baby and she gets eaten by a walker

  • t-dogg

    Carol and Lori are goners aren’t they?

  • http://www.twitter.com/theanticritic Mark O. Estes

    Jon is right. This episode felt like a walker was chowing down on my soul after viewing it. I honestly cant wait to see everyone’s reaction after peeping this one, because it makes Vatos and Beside the Dying Fire tame in comparison.

  • ricky williams

    i’m stuck can i please have more inofrmation i pretty please sugary coat promise not to tell

  • K.B.

    Taking a stab at it (pun intended)

    Lori & Baby (2 who have been around since the beginning) are the unfortunate who succumb to fate. My guess is Rick may have a chance to help Lori or save her and doesn’t therefore the new internal feud will be between Carl (potential Emmy winner?) and Rick. As for the third (left to the unknown), I will go with Michine as she will undoubtedly feel the Gov’s wrath for trying to escape Woodbury (I’m guessing on her own).

    Shout out to Merle’s Prosthetic Device and that creepy little scientist/ weirdo in the lab.

  • Carolina

    In the comics lori dies in childbirth but the baby does not….

    • Blahh

      No, that isn’t what happens at all.

  • Ernie

    Nope, in the comics Lori gives birth, but they both die (Lori & the baby) when the governor and his men attack the prison after a few weeks (or months).

  • Jon

    Ok “Killer Within” … aka the baby within Lori. Am i not pointing out the obvious? They love these double entendres

  • http://www.trottom.myellow.com.au Will

    Jon I can’t handle waiting till monday to find out can you please just tell me what happens via my email or on here. My email is billy.rimington@gmail.com. Please advise me the plot I can’t take it and have too many theories. I doubt that it’s Andrew and that he is well and truly dead. My guess is that a prisoner probably Axel to confuse the comic book readers was the real person messing with them and T-dog gets killed whilst the uncessary stress causes Lori to go into labour causing panic.. whilst we find out by the end that Merle is watching and that the woodbury scenes were flashbacks.

  • will

    jon please email me what happens i can’t take the wait…

  • crazyrabbits

    My odds on who lives or dies:

    Michonne’s a fan favorite, and is pretty much one of the lynchpins of the series. I’m also pretty sure there’s footage in one of the trailers showing her and Andrea coming into the prison through the fence (along with at least one interview – Nicotero? – who says they filmed the arena fights later in the season). She may be in danger, but I doubt they’d introduce her and potentially kill her off after two episodes of screentime without doing the whole rape-revenge arc. Worst case scenario is that she gets injured while escaping w/ Andrea.

    Daryl’s also a fan favorite, but TPTB wouldn’t set up the whole thing with Merle if there wasn’t a chance they’d reunite in some fashion (even by proxy) later on. That’s an unfired Chekhov’s Gun right there. Also, he was seen in a preview approaching a makeshift cross outside the prison walls at sunset. Odds are he’s probably the one in danger (maybe he locks himself into a room when the horde attacks), but he won’t die.

    Herschel: Was spotted in spoiler pics for episodes happening far later in the season with Rick and the Governor – he won’t die yet, especially not this early into the season. Likewise, they’ll keep Maggie, otherwise that entire arc in season 2 will just be a shaggy dog story.

    Lori: Her and Judith’s deaths at the end of the arc is still one of the (if not THE) most iconic images from the series. I doubt they’d come all this way just to kill her off mid-season. She has to have the baby so that her and Rick can reconcile and bring the arc to a conclusion (a fact that the creators even admitted in the video diaries). She could die, but I’m not betting on it.

    Merle: He’s been with the show since the beginning (technically), and it would be a surprise if he died helping Andrea and Michonne escape Woodbury. We’ve already had hints of it with him being nervous around the Governor, and wanting to find out if Daryl’s alive.

    Rick/Carl: Safe.

    Glenn: Considering that he just died in the comics, and that his arc this season has been fairly limited so far, he could be on the chopping block (especially since Sophia, their surrogate daughter in the comics, is now out of the picture).

    Carol: Has “dead star walking” written all over her, but she could surprise us and live. After all, she’s learned how to be a capable shot, and she seems to want to take over the “healer” role in the group from Herschel.

    Beth: Also has “I’m dead” written on her. The only conceivable value she has right now is possibly a (squicky) romance arc with Carl, seeing as Sophia’s gone from the show. She’s done little in terms of combat or plot development, and her entire role so far has been to get mopey over fallen family members.

    T-Dog: Also has “dead meat” written on him. Yeah, he’s getting more lines, but he hasn’t done much besides use a riot shield so far. That, and people noticeably complained about his lack of screentime last season. He could die protecting someone else, which would be a decent sendoff.

  • Sterling

    As much as I will be sad, and disappointed that I did not see more development with T-Dogs character. I have a strong gut feeling that he will be one of the ones to bite the dust. Does T-dog have any significance in this episode?

  • Sterling

    As much as I hate to see it, I feel like it will be T-Dog. I am sad now. Yeah it will definitely be T-Dog I wish they would have developed his character a little bit more, but I am glad he got a little bit of shine this season

  • The Other Beth

    I hope it’s Carol and Beth. Neither of them is interesting and it seemed that the writers suddenly givign whiny Carol a personality is an attempt to make the viewers feel bad then she bites it.

  • Kayla

    After reading this and seeing the Sneak Peeks, my hunch is that prisoner Andrew is not dead after all. A nod to the title of the episode. He’s the one that causes the breach of the prison allowing the herd in.

    As for the “Fate and Destiny” thing, I think Lori & baby will die in this episode. And I think she’ll sacrifice herself to save someone else (probably Carl or Rick), hence the reference of “choosing the content or timing of that moment”.

    As for “a fan favorite’s fate will be left unknown”, the fan favorites are Daryl, Glenn and Michonne. It’s up for grabs which one that will be. I’m betting on Michonne because of comments you make under the “Dodging Bullets” section. My guess is Governor offers to let them go if Michonne fights someone (or something) and wins. And the episode will end in cliffhanger on that.

    • Half-Blood Princess

      I hope to HELL this isn’t true…T-Dog dying for Carol…I can’t even I just can’t… What they can’t have more than one black person on the show at a time? If anyone dies it should be Lori and Carol they are both worthless, I don’t care how much Carol is stepping up, if Maggie the one who cuts the baby out then obviously she hasn’t stepped up enough. Maybe this will happen, but in what universe is T-dog or Lori a fan favorite?

      • Jaycam

        From what i hear T dogg doesnt neccesarily die for carol but gets bit and sticks with carol to get her to safety…..from what i have heard it says a fan favorites life hangs in the balance meaning someone other than these 2…..probably a cliff hanger to get us into the next episode.

  • http://TVOvermind.com AntoWalker

    I unfortunately think it will be Glenn who dies as the fan favorite probably to save Maggie’s life. Darryl will definitely be the one we wont know if he is dead or not. He wont die though, (I personally will stop watching the show if Daryl dies this early. CAIN’T HAPPEN!) The second to die will be T-Dog a beloved character but hasn’t had a huge amount of screen time. Plus it will help when Merle comes back into it, he won’t have to deal with T-Dog and can put all his concentration into getting even with Rick. There-for bringing back our favorite Daryl to save him and the day.

  • Jon

    Lori and t dogg die tonight….. Hopefully carol will be on the chopping block soon then Hershel’s blonde daughter then Hershel. After all the “dead weight” is gone the show can focus on the strong people in the group Rick, carl, ( yes he is s strong member of the group) Daryl, Maggie and Glen. and really watch Rick evolve into a cold leader that doesn’t take any s***.

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