SPOILERS – The Walking Dead 3.04 “Killer Within” – Redefining Game Change

Fate Wins

We humans love to argue Fate and Destiny, but when it comes time for our lives to end we rarely get to choose the content or timing of that moment. The Walking Dead 3.04 “Killer Within” reminds us of this powerfully.  By the end of the episode, two characters that have been with us since the very beginning will answer to the agents of fate, and yet another fan favorite’s fate will be left unknown.

Drama Surges

After the loss of Dale and Shane, I wondered where the next great conflict would emerge from within the group.  What dramatic change would occur that would hold so much power as to literally re-write the group dynamic.  The desperation that bound Rick’s people together in the beginning of the season was destined to fade within the safety of The Prison, and the inmates were quickly pruned of their most dangerous elements (Or maybe not). In “Killer Within” this rewrite of the group dynamic happens, and it happens with a velocity I don’t think any of The Walking Dead fans’ will be prepared for.  A lot of shows promise ‘game changers’ to build hype and never really deliver, “Killer Within” contains an extreme game changer that could be considered the gold standard.  The delivery of it comes with such a dramatic surge that you will actually ‘feel’ it, a testament to the talent of the actors;  I predict many of you will be calling for an Emmy for one actor in particular.

And that is as far as I want to go in suggesting what happens in this episode.  Each one of these sections contains a hint as to what will transpire in the episode, care to take your shot on theorizing?  Maybe if you’re stuck I’ll give a little more information in the comment section below.


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