The Subtle Moment In The Walking Dead Finale That No One Noticed

Remy Carreiro December 3, 2013 2


I think we can all comfortably admit that The Walking Dead mid-season finale was amazing, right? It gave us closure for the Governor’s story line, it killed off a major and beloved character, and the action was non-stop and intense. The survivors were pushed out of the prison, and it marked some tragic endings for the group. The thing is, there was a really subtle nod to a moment earlier in the season, and it was brilliant. The kicker is, most people completely missed it if they were not paying very close attention.

I will try to give you the cliff notes version of what happened. Remember the first episode of The Walking Dead this season when we saw Clara? The weird homeless woman who wanted to kill Rick and feed him to her husband, who had been zombified? Remember the speech he gave her right before she made her intentions clear? When he talked about how they all have done stuff they are not proud of, but it is not too late to change? Well, did you realize that the moment in the finale when Rick was pretty much saying the exact same thing to the Governor, that a zombified Clara was one of the walkers walking toward the prison? See what they did there? They brought it all, full circle. Ofcourse, moments later some serious slaughter started, so it makes sense that many of us did not notice. Somehow, someone at Uproxx did.

Little things like that prove that the people behind The Walking Dead definitely know what they are doing, even if the show can be inconsistent. One thing it somehow never fails to be, is entertaining.  Oh, and with the deaths this week, depressing. Great TV, but very depressing.

[Photo via Gene Page/AMC]

  • reni

    Usually when I see articles with titles like “moment no one noticed” or “facts you never knew”, I think it’s ridiculously presumptuous. But I have to admit this time it was incredibly accurate. I watched the episode twice and somehow missed it both times. Thank you for posting this!

  • Jaret ‘Jerry’ Stone

    saw it first time round, i’ve heard the hippie couple from the ep where rick and carol got out for food were there to but i haven’t rewatched the ep yet to see if thats true