The Walking Dead – 3.15 Promo Pics

Jon Lachonis March 18, 2013 0

A couple of promo pics for next week’s Walking Dead have emerged.  I find that when AMC releases the early images they do portent what character will be front and center, and I find this week’s selection particularly telling.  The first image is of Merle, sitting partially in shadow and looking very reflective.  Merle has actually come a long way since joining the The Prison if you think about it.  At first it seemed solid that Merle was a spy, but in the meantime he has made some genuine efforts to fit in.  He still has his ways, but none-the-less he has become an endearing character in his own way.  Will we get more Merle in Season 4 of The Walking Dead?  With this somewhat morose portrait, who knows!


The next picture is loosely connected to Merle.  Daryl and Rick seem to be in debate, and Daryl looks like he is dressed for a road trip – or am I imagining things? Could it be that Merle has left The Prison and Daryl is making the case for going after him?