The Walking Dead Spoiler – Another …

Jon Lachonis November 27, 2012 2

The Walking Dead is really blowing your mind this season, right?  The twists have been plentiful and extremely effective. TWD has been serving up the level of shockers most shows spend their entire season setting up, while still managing to peel back layer after intriguing layer on characters we thought we knew well, and introducing chilling new characters with the subtly that is the mark of great story telling.  But they are are not done yet!

The next episode is the Winter finale and it will be absolutely crazy.  If you watched the previews, you know that Rick and his gang will attempt to liberate Glenn and Maggie from Woodbury.  Given the circumstances, you know some bodies are going to drop … and maybe get back up again.

We can confirm exclusively that one member of Rick’s group will not get out of Woodbury alive.  So place your bets, who do you think will fall in the battle of Woodbury:

  • Rick – The leader.  They killed Lori, could Rick be far behind?
  • Daryl – A fan favorite, but will his devotion be divided between Rick and Merl?
  • Michonne – She lives a long time in the comics, but we know that isn’t worth a hill of beans on TV.
  • Oscar – We’ve barely met the big guy, and he’s really starting to grow on us.  Will he make it back to the prison alive?

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  • Gary

    Glen will be assassinated by The Gov. in front of everyone.

  • T-Dog

    I love Daryl’s character as much as everyone else do, but I’ve got a bad feeling it’s him next. But I do hope I’m wrong.