Some Things We Better Get From Next Season of The Walking Dead

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I am a zombie nut, and have always been since I first saw Dawn of the Dead years ago. So it makes sense I am all about the AMC thriller, The Walking Dead. I like the idea of humans struggling to survive in a world where the hungry dead have taken over. I am all about that. What I am not about is a show meandering and wasting time, when there is no need to do that. I think the Walking Dead as one of the more inconsistent shows on TV. Some episodes blow your mind, some episodes have literally nothing happen. What I hope we get from the next season of this show is some consistency.

The Walking Dead needs to find its proper footing between drama and thriller, because at times, it is hard to be sure what show we are even sitting down for. I know they want drama aspects of the show, but the problem is, they go all drama or all thriller for most episodes. How about striking an even chord between that. Instead of killing five people in one episode, then having five weeks of the show being a drama about trying to find refuge, how about you just kill one person a week for five weeks? Seems simple enough, right?

Also, give us something. I know they move from place to place with hints of cures and new strains and yadda yadda, but we are almost five season deep now. How about giving us something more. They did this at the end of last season with the “cure” talk, but my big fear is will they even follow through this season with it? Or will it become another back story we slowly lose focus on?

Last, The Walking Dead needs to emulate Game of Thrones in the sense that they need to kill off more characters we love without warning. Seems they always bring lame new cast members in, just to kill. Enough with that. Kill someone we like. Kill a favorite character. Hell, Kill Daryl and see how much people are talking about your show again.

Just saying.

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  • Guga

    Pleeeeeease, do NOT kill Daryl! Nor Michone…

  • Nick

    I don’t think TWD needs to become Game of Thrones. Plus, I don’t have a ton of favorite characters, but all my GOT favorite characters are still alive. Also, I think TWD works well as a drama with a high concept, but people want it to be something that it’s not. I think that TWD deaths can be (aren’t always) more impactful because of how beloved some of the characters are (Hershel, T-Dog, etc).

  • jesustonight .

    spoiled it for my self reading the comics first
    and every so called swarm shot contains no more than 12 zombies
    lost patience with the show long ago
    no sense of danger ever
    easy to out run no more than a dozen extras in grey make up
    moving very slowly