The Two Little Dead Girls From the Walking Dead Recorded A Topical Song

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Man, this week’s Walking Dead was brutal, huh? Finally it seemed the show caught up to the heaviness of the comic series. As you probably recall (SPOILER ALERT), Lizzie and Mika both died. It is always sad to see little kids get killed, even in fiction, and it was an episode that resonated with many people. Well, guess what? The two little dead girls from The Walking Dead recorded a song together. A song about that exact episode, too. Whoa, how meta.

So as Wet Paint talks about, the two got together and recorded the song Begin Again, inspired by what events transpired on their final episode of the Walking Dead. The episode called The Grove. This fills me with two feelings, really. One, morbid curiosity. What will the song be like? Ballad, dreamy, or sad? Next up, as lame as this may make me sound, it is kind of nice to see these two, working closely and being such good friends. Afterall, their ending on the show was not exactly pleasant. Heck, there is even that stupid part of me that was excited to see they are still alive. I fully accept how dumb that makes me sound.

So the two little dead girls from Walking Dead recorded a song together. Ding ding ding. There is it. Weirdest headline I wrote all week. The young stars took to Instagram to talk about the recording project and mention how excited they were the song wad getting out there. Way to go, girls. Seems like you made something lovely out of a (faux) tragedy. The reality is, I wont ever listen to the song, though. Don’t want it to change my last impression of them. I am just morbid like that.

[Photo via Gene Page/AMC]

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