The Walking Dead with Aliens: How It Was Pitched

Remy Carreiro December 30, 2013 0

walking aliens

So let me ask you. Can you imagine The Walking Dead with aliens? I know it may seem like a silly question, but we are asking it with good reason. When Robert Kirkman (the I.P’s creator) pitched The Walking Dead, there was a huge alien twist involved. Many people are speculating that this twist may still be involved with the show, but we just may not know it yet. My personal feelings on this are that it is not exactly the direction I hope the show (or comics) go. Once you throw aliens into the mix, it is all a little too much, in my opinion. Good thing Kirkman was only lying to get published.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story, but we already told you the good parts. Basically, Kirkman pitched the Walking Dead with aliens after his initial pitch got rejected. He claimed that the zombie invasion was all done by aliens, who were trying to thin out the Earth population to take over. The pitch was then accepted. After months of writing, Image hit him up and asked him where the aliens were. He then admitted that The Walking Dead with aliens was all a trick to get published. The comic was already mega successful at that point, and Image wasn’t even mad.

But seriously, if this show ends with an alien invasion, that will be the biggest shark jump ever. Oh, and it will also be completely ripping off the Aussie zombie flick, Undead. That was its whole ending. Bet Kirkman didn’t know I saw that movie…

[Photo via Frank Ockenfels/AMC]