The Walking Dead Bob Theory You Need to Hear

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There has been a really interesting Walking Dead theory floating around the web for the last few days. It focuses on the Bob character (the drunk) and how there may be a lot more to him than we all may have initially thought. The theory gets a bit heavy-handed at times, but I believe at the heart of it, someone is on to something. Get ready for the Walking Dead Bob theory that could change the whole show.

First off, credit where credit is due. No matter what sites you may be reading about this on, this is all the product one one Reddit user, and a ton of others who came on and made this all possible. Check out the whole thread here. I can tell you some of the basics of the theory and why I think there is some truth to it.

The main point of the theory is that Bob is immune to zombie bites.

Think about it, he always says he is the last survivor in his group, and this week, he got bitten, but said it was “only on the bandage” and he was fine. If you think about it, it makes total sense. There are some people thinking his NEED of alcohol may have something to do with it. Does that affect who turns and who doesn’t. Maybe that is why he wanted the alcohol so badly. Others seem to think the alcohol was to sterilize instruments because he was actually the one doing the experimenting on the rats while they were in the prison. What if he knows (or is) the cure? Some even say his desperation to reunite with Maggie is because she has the cure too, somehow.

There is a lot more to the Walking Dead Bob theory, but I can tell you, as soon as he got “bitten on the bandage” and didn’t turn, I knew there was something up with that dude. Hope Reddit proves to be right on this one.

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  • Jon

    No, he isn’t immune. The zombie bites don’t turn you, death turns you. Everyone is infected, and as someone who is caught up with the comics, I can tell you that this theory is 100% false.

    • HawkeMan

      Right so does that explain all the people on the show that have been bitten and turned into walkers shortly after?? Get your facts straight. You turn whether you’ve been bitten or not but the bites actually KILL you. Bob was bitten and he didn’t die. So whatever is in the walkers that causes people to die through a bite, he is immune to it.

  • guest3128937

    Bob wasn’t talking about getting bitten on the bandage, he was talking about the bullet that grazed him..