The Walking Dead Spin-Off Is A Go With Sons of Anarchy’s Producer


I love The Walking Dead. I really do. I am sure the dozens of articles I have written on here about it pretty much shows you all that. So when someone mentions a Walking Dead spin-off to me, I sit up and take notice. While the idea intrigues me, it also baffles me a little bit. The reason for this is what can a spin-off show us that the regular show can’t? I mean, a Walking Dead spin-off from an angle of the walkers might be interesting, but other than that, haven’t we seen all the undead apocalypse has in store for us? Maybe not, because the show has been given the green light.

The truth is, it is not so much being called a Walking Dead spin-off as it is being called a Walking Dead companion series. The good news is that the show has snagged the Sons of Anarchy producer, David Erickson, to co-write and executive produce the show. Most of the details on the show are pretty scarce so far, but we have had our appetites officially whetted.  TV Guide has the story, though very little is known.

So what do you all think of a Walking Dead spin-off? Right now, we have more questions than answers. Will it feature people we know? Will it focus on a different aspect of the show than what we have seen already? Will it takes place as a prequel, as most companion shows do? Truth is, we are looking forward to having all these questions answered in the near future.

For now, we are just bracing ourselves for the (probably traumatizing) season finale this Sunday….

[Photo via Gene Page/AMC]

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