Walking Dead Wishlist – Shocking Moments We Probably Won’t See (But Should)

Jon Lachonis February 5, 2013 4


The Walking Dead returns this Sunday, February 10th, after what seems like an eternity. I’ve done everything I can to alleviate the tortures of waiting:  Romero films helped a little, re-watching Seasons one and two just made me more depressed.  I think you Walking Dead fans out there will feel me when I say these hiatuses are just intolerable.  At least I had time to think, a scary thing to itself.

I was not a huge fan of the comics until the series started up.  I liked them, but the pacing of the comics vs the series is kind of a problem for me.  The shocking character moments that are the signature of The Walking Dead come too fast and don’t really have a settling in period like they do in the series.  There are no long cons like “Sophie was in the barn all along”.  Season 3 definitely comes the closest to replicating the staccato assault on the senses of the comics, yet with just the right amount of ‘settling in’ time to allow the zingers to burn on their way down.

Now that I’m fully indoctrinated to the world of The Walking Dead, I’ve developed a new appreciation for the comics and I’ve begun to blush with glee as the series begins to take on the almost sadistic nature of the comics. I’m beyond the “I can’t believe they did that” stage, and fully committed to “my favorite series has big story balls.”  So I figured, why not compose a list of key things that occurred in the comic that probably won’t happen in the series, but should.  Comic spoilers (and therefore possible series spoilers) ahead.

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  • ZombiesAteMe

    Seriously?!?!?!? *its already spoiler warned but I will do it again though I reveal nothing of book 8* If your job is to make up a spot like this on the walking dead and you talk about how your such a fan of the comics then maybe you should actually read them????? First: Book 8 has been out since last Oct you have obviously not read it at all and Second: Book 7 ended with Carl in a hospital bed with his eye wrapped up not dead as you said. Read the bloody books next time!!!!!

  • TJ

    I agree with some, but Carl does not die. He’s ‘untouchable’ as you put it.

  • Bings2010

    Not only does Carl survive, he turns complete badass and carries a nice little assault rifle with him. Great scene when he takes out about six bad guys with it, then falls on his ass with the recoil :0)

  • http://www.twitter.com/tvovermind Jon Lachonis

    Yeah actually as I said I’m not a fan of the books, par se, but I am becoming one. I’m not sorry Carl didn’t die in the books, but for the reasons I stated it would make sense for that moment to be turned into a ‘death’ in the series.