The Walking Dead’s New Season Four Trailer is Here

Last time we left The Walking Dead, the Governor had torn apart the prison setting that had become the cast member’s new safe haven. Many were dead, many were scattered, and many were lost completely. It was a brutal time for the show, and left all us fans in rabid anticipation. Well, Walking Dead’s new season four trailer is here, and it looks like thing haven’t gotten any better for our favorite crew of survivors.

I could sit here and talk about Walking Dead’s new season four trailer for hours, but I would rather you watch it, too. That way, we can both talk about it. See above.

So what do we know? Truthfully, the trailer doesn’t show a lot. What it does show is a whole lot of the cast looking bloody and exhausted. Just to see a shot of Michonne crying tells us some heavy stuff is on the way, because that woman is a tank. Also, let it be known, we have no idea where they all actually end up, or how many of that original group is still together.

In other words, Walking Dead’s new season four trailer shows us just how far up the creek they are without a paddle. The Walking Dead returns to AMC February 9th.

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