So Who Will Die On The Season Finale Of The Walking Dead?


We are just three days away from the season finale of The Walking Dead, and this has led to a great deal of internet theories about who will die this Sunday. I have already given you my thoughts earlier this week, but I can reiterate and add to those. I do think they seemed to foreshadow that something may happen to Maggie or Glenn because of that picture being burnt last week. But there are some theories that the season finale may be even more shocking than that. Let me share just one theory with you now and see what you think.

Rick will die.

I know it seems insane, but we need to pay attention to some fine print details. They just tested us to see how well a season without Rick would do. Rick appeared very little in this season, and when we saw him, he was either in a coma, or just being uncharacteristically not cool. We have seen the Michonne/Carl connection growing (he seems to need Rick less and less) and the show really took much of the emphasis off him as the lead. Could this have been a test? Could the season finale of The Walking Dead pull a Ned Stark on us? Truth is, if you watch the season finale, at NO point is he with anyone else. We see Carl and Michonne (embracing?) in a forest, but the only shot of Rick suggests he is bloody and by himself.

BUT, on the other extreme. IMDB mentions Rick when describing season five, so maybe not. But they might just kill his son. Seriously, I can predict one thing for sure about Sunday. It is gonna mess us all up, no matter who dies. I still weep for Hershel.

[Photo via Gene Page/AMC]

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