The X Factor: The Final 6 Go Live Tonight

Rachel Brumm December 5, 2012 1

The X FactorAfter last week’s surprise elimination of Vino Alan, who had been consistently in the top 3, and Paige Thomas, who had one of her best performances thus far, the viewers of The X Factor have made it clear that no one is safe when it comes to the live results shows.

Paige, who had found herself in the bottom position on more than one occasion, wasn’t a total shocker; however, her elimination came on the heels of a performance that the judges finally had liked. Vino, on the other hand, was a pretty big surprise considering his rankings and the praise he tended to regularly receive from the judges. Last Thursday night, however, it was Diamond White who got the go ahead to stay in the competition after being put up against Vino in a sing off that sent the tattooed singer packing.

All four judges still have contenders in the game with Simon Cowell and Britney having two each. Emblem 3 and Fifth Harmony are still fighting for the win over on Mr. Cowell’s team, while Diamond and Carly Rose Sonenclar continue to sing for Britney’s Teens team.  LA Reid and Demi Lovato are both down to one remaining contestant with country boy Tate Stevens representing the Over 25’s and the queen of dodging the bullet, CeCe Frey, still hanging in there for the Young Adults team.

Tonight on The X Factor, the remaining six contestants will fight to impress the viewers, hoping to earn their votes in order to make it through to the next week.

The X Factor airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8/7c on Fox.

  • QueenLB

    “Paige is a FANTASTIC Singer” and it Really Bothered Me, Because SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN VOTED OFF!!! She has a vision of what she wanted to do on this show, what type of performer she wanted to be and that Paige deserved to be there over CeCe, plain and simple, she had a great performance, CeCe’s performance was nowhere near, as great as Paige’s performance. Those that CANNOT really sing, which is CeCe and Emblem 3, should have been voted off. It is the young girl fans that are keeping Emblem 3 on, because they think they are cute and NOT because they are REALLY GOOD Singers. Now although I did not want to see Diamond go Home because she is such an INCREDIBLE Singer, Diamond said herself, she is not really good at singing fast upbeat songs. However, she is REALLY GREAT at singing slow ballads. Therefore, I must admit that Vino did not deserve to go home. Plus I know without a doubt Diamond and Vino is DEFINITELY a better singer than CeCe who again should have been voted off. Carly So far is the best all-around singer. (I believe she can sing just about anything, regardless whether it is R&B, Country, Jazz or what. Where Tate only can sings country)