True Blood Clips and Photos for 5.10 “We Meet Again”

Jon Lachonis August 10, 2012 0

With some of the side plots wrapping things are going to get intense on this week’s True Blood, particularly since it seems all roads lead to The Authority in the remaining story-lines.  Eric is now a bonafide prisoner of the Authority,  Bill has fully converted to the Sanguinista doctrine, and Russel’s secret plan to subvert the whole situation is slowly coming to fruition.

In the photos we can clearly see that Bill has become a Vampire-Bible thumper.  An earlier promo had Bill professing that he was the ‘chosen one’, probably referring to the hallucination he had of Lilith ordering him to drain her.  In another we see Jess and Jason talking to ‘someone’ at Merlot’s, the True Blood clips below will show you exactly who they are talking to.  Jess features in the final image, and looks to be in the hands of The Authority. If Jess is taken to The Authority against her will, that would definitely draw out Jason, and possibly Hoyte, to rescue her.

And in the one final picture we see Pam decked out in white leather, thankfully there are plenty of spikes in that leather to offset any ‘good girl’ insinuations, not looking very pleased.  Obviously things are not looking good for her with the annoying new Sheriff in town to impose the will of the new Authority.  This could be the payoff to Pam’s back-story earlier in the season.  It seems she’s spent too many years in the service of men to let her new found freedom go down the tubes so quickly.  If Eric is successful in overthrowing The Authority, or at least snapping them out of their daze, she’ll have nothing to worry about, but I don’t expect Pam will be content to wait around for a White Knight.  Should be very interesting to see how the newly independent Pam deals with the situation.  Tune in to True Blood “We Meet Again” This Sunday at 9PM ET/PT on HBO.

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