Big Rumors About Who Will Direct Season Two of True Detective

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We know, we know. Nic Pizzolatto has come out and said every True Detective casting rumors has been false so far. With that being known, it might be strange for us to bring up another True Detective rumor. But the show was so fantastic, all this means is we are all eager to find out any detail we want about the next season of this fantastic noir show. Now we are on to rumors about who may be directing season two. All we can say is, some big names are being dropped left and right.

There is one name that is standing on the top of the pile, though. William Friedkin. All I need to say is Killer Joe and The Exorcist and you people should be all excited. Friedkin has an eye for the dark and bizarre, and would be a perfect fit for the vibe of the show. Seems creator Nic Pizzalatto and William Friedkin have actually met and potentially discussed Friendkin helming the camera for the show’s next season. The best part is the former Exorcist director is considering the gig.

This has to happen. The guy has a great eye for fear, mystery, and grit. His manic sense of direction would lend itself wonderfully to the smoke filled, dark tinted noir world that Pizzalatto has created here.

Alas, these are still just more True Detective rumors. We will let you know once something is set in stone.

[Photo via HBO]


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