Could Brad Pitt Be In Season Two of True Detective?

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Listen, people. Do not read this and freak out. I will start this off with a disclaimer letting you all know things are in the earliest stages of discussion and much could change before season two of True Detective actually comes. What I am speaking of is the rumor that Brad Pitt may be in talks to be starring in season two of True Detective. As excited this may get us, and as much as it seems like he would be a perfect fit for the abysmal (and brilliant) tone of the show, relax. Let us not forget, three weeks ago there was a rumor Emma Stone was set to star in season two of the HBO hit. Key word here, people: rumors.

The rumor according to The International Business Times is that Brad Pitt has been in serious talks with the HBO people about this, and has already given his green light. They lead us to believe that Brad Pitt is in the final stages of signing  deal for True Detective, season two. But the reality is, this news is huge. And were it more than just an awesome rumor, it would be spread out over every TV tabloid show and every TV or entertainment website, which it is not.

Truth is, this is just something we HOPE comes true, because it really does seem like Pitt would work well on True Detective. Regardless of what we want, as of right now this is nothing more than a rumor. A vicious, awesome rumor we hope comes true (detective).

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