In Case You Haven’t Figured It Out Yet, Matthew McConaughey Won’t Return for True Detective Season Two


Without a doubt, this is the year of Matthew McConaughey between Mud, Dallas Buyers Club and his surprising bit of TV excellence, True Detective. I think most fans of the show understand the concept of the series by now, but I think there might be a contingent who are looking forward to the further adventures of Rust Cohle in season two.

Which ain’t gonna happen. Not for any spoiler “he dies” reasons (though that may happen), but because that’s now how the show works.

This is a gentle reminder that True Detective is an anthology. And though sometimes anthologies can reuse the same casts in new plotlines (see American Horror Story) this is not one of those times.

“I won’t be back for season two. Season one was finite,” McConaughey said after winning his Oscar yesterday.

The new season will focus on a pair of new detectives, and creator Nic Pizzolatto has strongly hinted that one or both of them might be women this time around, which would be fantastic. Though needless to say we’ll miss McConaughey and Rust.

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