Five Things We Hope We Get In The Second Season of True Detective

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I make no qualms about how True Detective has been my favorite show of the year. It was just thoroughly brilliant, pretty much right up until that (lackluster) ending. But even with that ending, I still adored the show. The chemistry between the two leads, the ongoing mystery of it all, and the cavalcade of crazy characters made it an unforgettable ride and very different than most TV. As more and more news leaks about season two of True Detective, I thought I would take a minute to talk about what we hope to get from the next season of this stellar show.

Keep The Dark Tone

The first season was known for being existentially nihilistic, and we hope that is the same energy found in the second season. There was a cold feeling that permeated all of that show, and that is part of what drew us into that world. From what we have heard so far, we have nothing to worry about. Rumor is, this season might be even darker.

Huge Stars

Sorry, but a big part of what made us watch the show in the first place was the level of talent on-screen. The rumor is there will be three leads this season as oppose to just two, and here is hoping the stars they get can match the caliber of season one. I am digging the Brad Pitt rumor, but I don’t see that happening.

Less Branching Storylines

I liked the central mystery in season one of True Detective, but they had one small problem. They threw too many red herrings at us, and they had no way to tie them all up in the ending. I don’t need a cast of three dozen characters, if only three of them are going to get closure. Focus on a smaller story with more emphasis on the…..

A Better Ending

That is my one qualm about last season of this stellar show. It all built up to what I felt was a very lack luster finale. There were also tons of storylines that did not get fleshed out at all (why was the daughter doing that with her Barbie dolls?). I hope this time there is a solid ending, set in stone, and gives us the closure that the first season didn’t necessarily pull off.

A More Developed Bad Guy

I know last season Yellow King was awful and creepy, but we didn’t spend any time at all with him until the final episode, and even then, we did not get the true motivation behind what he did. This time, give us as scary a bad guy, but give us more time with him to see how awful he really is. We want to fear him, not just be disgusted by him. Also, give us more insight into the evil side and not just the good side.

All in all, any way you slice it, season two of True Detective will be on my must-watch list for sure.

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