What Happens When Batman Meets True Detective?

Ah, Reddit. What amazing things will your users come up with next? This time, one genius Reddit user figured out there can be only one True Detective, and that detective is Batman. So what did they do about this? Well, they mashed up the opening sequence of True Detective with some cool Batman imagery. The end result seems like it would be the best show ever made. Honestly. I could talk about it for days, but would rather let it speak for itself. The guy who created this Batman meets True Detective mashup is named Josh Newman, and you can check out his Youtube page here.

I will tell you why I think this is so awesome. It is not just because I think Batman is awesome and I think True Detective is awesome. That should be enough to make me think this is awesome, but there is another factor. Rust from True Detective and Batman are pretty much the same person. Super serious people who never know how to laugh and prefer to soak in their misery whilst speaking a monologue about how life is going to hell around them. Just think about those two. They would have been besties for life.

Heck, I may need to go commit this to fan fiction, right now.

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