Jessica Chastain Offered Lead in True Detective Season 2

jessica chastain

Potentially big news this morning as The Nerdist is reporting that Jessica Chastain has been offered the lead in True Detective season 2, a role she has yet to accept. From their report:

“Recent rumors have stated series creator Nic Pizzolatto was seeking a female-driven cast for Season 2 of the hit HBO series, and now today, Nerdist has learned exclusively one of the names that may be on the bill in 2015: Jessica Chastain. According to sources, the Zero Dark Thirty actress has been offered a leading role in the second season but has yet to accept. As for official confirmation, we reached out to representatives for Chastain, who have declined to comment at this time.”

I’m going to take these rumors more seriously than what we’ve heard about Brad Pitt potentially joining the cast, but perhaps both can be true and we have an absolutely ridiculous cast for the second season.

Chastain is at a point in her career where she can do anything she wants due to recent successes. In fact, her career mimics Matthew McConaughey’s recent rocket into superstardom going from rom coms to Oscar wins, with a number of acclaimed projects both behind and ahead of him last year. Chastain is actually co-starring with McConaughey in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, so perhaps he’s shared some Rust Cohle wisdom with her about the show, and will convince her to follow in his footsteps.

What do you think about Chastain potentially joining the show for a season?

UPDATE: That was fast. Chastain’s representation says this is not happening.

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