Why Mathew McCognauhey Better Get An Emmy For True Detective

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I will admit, I used to be a Mathew McConaughey hater. If you ever meet me, ask me to do my impression of him. It is a rather spot-on impression of how he was ten years ago. A dude who never wore a shirt, loved the ladies, and just wanted to play his bongos. Thing is, in the last five years, he has proven he has acting chops up there with the best of them. From Killer Joe to Mud to Dallas Buyer’s Club, he has just been jaw droppingly good in everything he has been in. But in my opinion, his role as Rust on True Detective is one of the most impressive performances I have ever seen on TV. I am now going to tell you why Mathew McConaughey better get an Emmy for True Detective.

Without a doubt, Rust is one of the most complex characters on TV right now, and maybe in the history of TV. You can sense his wisdom, but you sense that it comes at a very heavy price. This is a man whose life has been filled with sadness, anger, and loss. There is rarely a seen McConaughey is on-screen when you don’t feel that emanating from him. The best part is, we do not know where the Rust character is going. They have tried to lead us to think he may be involved with the murders, but the truth is, we cannot say yet. What is even more impressive is, no matter how his character plays out, he still deserves an Emmy. You can feel Rust’s exhaustion. How burnt he is, yet how sharp he manages to stay beside that. He actually reminds me a lot of Heisenberg. A dude who is both bad and good, but we cannot take our eyes off of and root for, regardless.

Seriously, dude better get an Emmy, or I will summon the Yellow King. We all know no one wants that.

[Photo via  James Bridges/HBO]

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