Now True Detective Season Two Will Have Four Leads

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Previously, Nic Pizzolato has told us to disregard all rumors about season two of True Detective, but when the news comes from his own lips, I suppose it’s alright to assume its correct.

Pizzolato now says that his original plan for True Detective season two has changed a bit, namely that there are now more leads than he previously had planned for. “That ballooned a little bit. I would say there are four central roles,” he told The Daily Beast, now saying that we have to “wait and see” whether there would be any lead women. Out of four parts, I would guess so, but who knows?

He has not commented further on who is being considered for the cast, and he’s previously shot down rumored actors like Josh Brolin, Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain. But we shouldn’t think that even if those specific actors don’t turn up in season two, that we won’t see other A-listers in their stead. After what True Detective did for Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, I doubt there are many Hollywood superstars that would turn down a go at the show.

Who do you want to see cast in the leading roles? Anyone in particular in mind? I really did like when Joaquin Phoenix’s name was being tossed around, and I can’t say no to Chastain either, despite all her people’s emphatic denials she has nothing to do with the project. Hopefully that can still change.

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