Pete Holmes Does True Detective and it is Brilliant(ly Nihilistic)

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True Detective was a powerhouse of a show that seemed to revel in sadness and hopelessness at times. The Pete Holmes Show is pretty much the opposite of that, and seems to consistently be great fun. So let me ask you, what do you think happens when the two get mashed up? When Pete Holmes does True Detective? I can tell you right now, it is a pretty accurate take on the Rust character. A character who often seems so plagued by existential hopeless that it is shocking he doesn’t just blow his brains out. Well, sit down and brace yourselves for this, because it is a magical mixing of two worlds that seem like they couldn’t have less in common.

So far Pete Homes has made fun of Street Fighter, Batman, The X-Men, and a host of others on his show, and the bits never end up being anything less that hilarious. Pete Holmes does True Detective is no different. I could talk about it for days, but I will just let Pete Holmes as Rust do the talking:

See, I think what a lot of us lost sight of when watching True Detective was just how SERIOUS the entire show was. McConaughey always seemed like he was one step away from being swallowed alive by the Earth, and made every attempt to share that nihilistic outlook in every frame of the show. Thing is, walk in on this skit at the wrong time, you might actually think it is True Detective. Sorry, but that is about as spot on as satire gets.

Well played yet again, Pete Holmes.

[Photo via James Bridges/HBO]

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