Stephen King’s IT Being Made Into Film by True Detective Director

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I can still very distinctly recall the feeling I got when I watched the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s It. There is just something so utterly traumatizing about a killer clown that eats kids. I already hated clowns, but that made that hatred so much more pronounced. But, that is the sign of good horror. It sticks with you for years and years and you can never shake from your bones. Well, I know I am not alone in that fear, because the director of True Detective is adapting It into a full, feature length film. Also, this is going to land on the big screen. So it’s safe to say this version will be even more terrifying than the (now kinda lame) 1990 mini-series.

So Cary Fukunaga will be writing AND directing the adaptation of Stephen King’s It for the silver screen, which is no small project. Let’s not forget just how giant the book was, and how the story HAD to be made into a mini-series to be able to tell the whole story. Well, as of right now, no one is sure if the movie will be one epic story or broken into two like so many modern movies are. More movies means more money, but can you assure people will want to see through both movies? It is a gamble, no doubt. But Fukunaga has shown he has an amazing eye for adaptations and pacing already with True Detective. We just have to wait now to see if he can bring that same eye into the world of child eating clowns and fortune cookies that turn into spiders.

I will tell you this. I am both scared and really excited about this project and the talent on board. Read more at Screen Rant.

[Photo via Lacey Terrell/HBO]

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