True Detective Competing as a Drama at the Emmys, Not as a Miniseries

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It’s going to be a battle of heavyweights this year. HBO has just announced their intention to run True Detective as a drama series in this year’s Emmys, rather than a Miniseries, which is a separate category.

The show, as an anthology with a new story every year, could have competed in the Miniseries category where it almost assuredly would have won, but it’s decided to go for the top prize instead. Other shows have done this before, like American Horror Story, but it ultimate struck out and the plan backfired. Also the past few seasons have been terrible, so that didn’t help.

But True Detective? It’s an amazing show. The only problem is that it will be going up against Breaking Bad in the category. That also means it will be a showdown between Matthew McConaughey’s Rust Cohle and Bryan Cranston’s Walter White. Whoa.

As much as I loved True Detective this year, the final (half) season of Breaking Bad was probably some of the best television that has ever existed, and Cranston’s performances in the final episodes are unmatched, even by Oscar-winner McConaughey, in my opinion. Breaking Bad will win, and it should. If it were any other year, True Detective would probably take it no problem, but it’s going to be a tough fight this time, and one I think they’ll lose. That said, I think this is still the correct decision.

[Photo via Lacey Terrell/HBO]

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