True Detective Is A Hit: Pulls In Amazing Numbers

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Did you guys watch the first episode of the new HBO show, True Detective, starring Mathew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson? Well, some of you must have, as the show brought in some amazing numbers for its first night. With the amount of talent working on it, we cannot say we are surprised at the success. On top of it, we watched it ourselves and it was every bit as amazing as we thought it would be. Maybe it seems a bit early to forecast this, but looks like True Detective is a hit. Like anything expected anything less from this.

So what are we talking about for ratings for the first episode? Well, roughly 2.3 million viewers. To put this in proper perspective, Game of Thrones first episode had 2.2. That may be only 0.1 million more, but that alone says it all. When the new guy comes in swinging and makes more of an impact than Game of Thrones first did, you know this is one to keep your eye on. See. It isn’t too early to declare True Detective is a hit. A show that starts out that strong can sometimes waver, but usually keeps a big part of that fan base on board for the whole ride.

Truthfully, ofcourse True Detective is a hit. Mathew McConaughey is an unstoppable force right now. Thanks for the stats from Deadline Hollywood.

[Photo via Michele K. Short/HBO]

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