True Detective Season Two Using Bale, Brolin, Phoenix and Chastain as “Casting Prototypes”


Here’s a bit of strange news out of Deadline as casting rumors for True Detective season two continue to swirl. Though no one has officially been cast yet and actors like Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender and Jessica Chastain have proven to be unsubstantiated rumors, there’s news that the three leads of the show are being based on existing actor “prototypes.”

“Unofficial breakdowns floated around have listed the three leads as a fortysomething male detective/cop with Joaquin Phoenix, Christian Bale and Josh Brolin as prototypes, a twentysomething male cop and a thirtysomething female detective, with Jessica Chastain as a potential prototype.”

I find this interesting, that the show would be casting “types” like this when it can actually get big name actors as evidenced by last season with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, the latter of which was having the biggest year of his career.

And is Joaquin Phoenix really a Christian Bale-type? Is Josh Brolin a Joaquin Phoenix-type? Despite all being white guys, I think the actors are pretty diverse, and have proven they can take on many, many different kinds of roles.

No word on who the model for the twentysomething male cop will be. I’m hoping for Shia LaBeouf, though I couldn’t tell you why. And if we’re just going with Chastain for the female model, which other actress could fill her shoes if she doesn’t want to be on board herself?

So, are these good “prototypes,” or is this a strange way to cast a show?

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