The 10 Best TV Dramas of All Time

Paul December 4, 2013 2

We love writing lists ourselves, but sometimes it’s cool to see what opinions other TV sites on the internet have. In this case, we’re looking to WatchMojo who has compiled their 10 best TV dramas list in video form.

Honestly, it’s hard to argue with many of these choices which include Mad Men, The West Wing, ER, X-Files and even Game of Thrones. If it were up to me, I would have put The Wire at number one, but everyone is entitled to their opinions, I suppose.

It’s no surprise that Breaking Bad and The Sopranos make up the top two. While I think Breaking Bad’s final season is one of the best on television EVER, I think Sopranos retained its high quality all throughout its lifespan, while Breaking Bad suffered during a few middle seasons.

What do you think should have made this list? Do you like their picks, or would you have replaced any of these? Hopefully at the very least this  has inspired you to check out a few of these shows that you might have been missing so far.

  • Maggi Marcus

    Mad Men, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad <3

  • Karen Evans

    You did say “Of all time”…not just “The Past 10 years”, Except for The X files , BTVS and MASH., almost all the other shows are still on TV. Some only lasted a year! Come On People!