10 Predictions for the Final Season of Bones


If you’re a fan of the TV series “Bones”, like we are, you’re probably just as sad as everybody else is that Season 12 is the final season of the longest-running series on FOX ever with 246 original episodes. And, BTW that’s more than the number of bones in the human body, which is only 206. The show has had a long and very entertaining run with every single episode bringing a new level of excitement and intrigue to the small screen. Both Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz will be sorely missed on the television landscape, as will the entire cast and the amazing storylines.

In case you’ve never watched “Bones”, it is the story of Dr. Temperance Brennan, who is a forensic anthropologist with mad skills who is the top in her field and whose nickname is of course “Bones”. She is working at the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington, D.C. plus she is also a well-known writer of novels. Her FBI partner is named Seeley Booth, played by David Boreanaz. Together, they take on cases that nobody else can solve. Over the first 11 seasons of the series, Brennan and Booth have provided amazing chemistry together and, of course, ended up marrying and having two kids together.

Bones has an amazingly versatile team at the Jeffersonian, including her BFF, Angela, played by Michaela Conlin. She’s a very talented artist, specializing in the reconstruction of crime scenes and facial features. Her husband, Hodgins, is a bug expert and a conspiracy theorist. Bones’ boss, Dr. Camille “Cam” Saroyan is played by Tamara Taylor. And, Booth’s FBI colleague is Special Agent James Aubrey, played by John Boyd, an endearing character who loves junk food and his job in that order.

Throughout the first 11 seasons, the group has solved a massive number of cases and helped a great many people. Through the use of a wide range of skills in their given fields, and by utilizing human remains as a roadmap, this amazingly talented team has solved some of the most complex and mystifying cases that have come across the tables in their lab. In the process, just about everybody has at one time or another escaped death and often more than once. The series has also been wildly successful at exploring more methods for human remains to be discovered than anyone could have ever imagined. One little-known fact about the series is that thanks to Bones being the top forensic anthropologist in her field, more young girls worldwide have been inspired to pursue a career in science.

In the process, just about everybody has at one time or another escaped death and often more than once. The series has also been wildly successful at exploring more methods for human remains to be discovered than anyone could have ever imagined. One little-known fact about the series is that thanks to Bones being the top forensic anthropologist in her field, more young girls worldwide have been inspired to pursue a career in science.

Season 12 Premiere

In the premiere episode of season 12, agent Booth and everybody in Brennan’s lab at the Smithsonian embarks on a desperate search for the illustrious Dr. Brennan when she is kidnapped by her crazy ex-assistant, Zack Addy. Although some fans speculate that Zack was actually the Puppeteer, apparently he’s not, but rumors have it that perhaps he was the puppeteer’s assistant. Anyway, in the premiere, he only wants to prove his innocence to Dr. Brennan by using truth serum on himself while he holds her captive. She ends up being rescued, of course, by Booth, and they all live happily ever after, at least until Episode 2. So, for the rest of Season 12, there have been plenty of predictions, but here are our 10 favorites:

1. The Wedding that Seemed Like it Would Never Happen

Arastoo (Pej Vahdat) and Cam (Tamara Taylor) get married and it’s about time. Right? It’ll be a magically beautiful wedding and of course the entire Smithsonian lab team will be there, as well as Booth and Aubrey. Of course, there will have to be some danger lurking in the background that Bones and Booth will have to take care of to save their good friends’ special day.

2. Two Upcoming Deaths, but Who?

Speculation has been swirling around for awhile now that two deaths will mark the final season. No details have been released yet about who’s going to die, but we predict the first will be Zack, who dies saving Bones’ life. The second could be anyone on the canvas, but since 59-year-old English comedian Stephen Fry is coming back to the show as Dr. Gordon Wyatt, we predict that he’ll die in the final season.

3. Booth and Bones Go Undercover

Let’s face it, in previous seasons, the two have gone undercover and it’s usually been quite entertaining. In season 12, they go undercover at a lumberjack competition. Hey, those things are pretty funny to start with, so with Booth and Bones there undercover, it should really get comical.

4. Conclusion of All Storylines

The final episodes of will bring all of the characters’ storylines to their conclusion. This will be a good way for letting fans say “adios” to their favorite characters of the show. We predict that this will also include the storyline for the serial killer, Puppeteer.

5. Guest Star Excitement

We predict that the appearance of several well-known guest stars will spice up several final episodes. Rumor has it that Ed Asner will be back in Episode 3, portraying Mike Mancuso. This character is somebody who appears to be a nice guy but actually turns out to be a deceptive wise guy. Another big guest star is Hal Holbrook, who will be playing Red Fletcher. He’s a veteran of the Marine Corp with a very strong yet silent demeanor, kind of what Booth might be like in 40 years or so.

6. Betty’s Back!

Everybody’s fave funny lady, Betty White, will be back as Dr. Beth Mayer. She was last seen in Episode 10 of the 11th season and her character in Season 12 is a successful doctor who possesses invaluable experience and amazing knowledge in the field of forensic anthropology. And, in spite of her age, she’s exceedingly sharp and gorgeous, as well as being just as fabulous as she ever was. Just another example of art imitating real life.

7. What is 447?

Throughout the seasons, the number 447 keeps popping up, mystifying fans everywhere. Could it refer to the time on the bedside clock at Booth & Brennan’s home? Could it refer to the sex scene between Booth and Brennan in Booth’s dream when in a coma in Season 4? Could it be because their daughter, Christine, was born at 4:47 am? We predict that this will be explained during the final season. Since it has popped up at a number of times during significant B&B life events; it should be clarified once and for all.

8. Hodgins Walks Again!

We definitely predict that the writers will be kind enough to get our favorite bug man back on his feet so that he and Angela can have another kid and live happily ever after. We know it seems improbable, but hey, miracles can happen!

9. #5 [or 5 & 6] for the Booth Family

Booth and Brennan will have another baby in the final season, or maybe even twins! That would be exciting. We also predict that the pregnancy will be put at risk by some nefarious bad guy like Puppeteer, but in the end, Booth will save the day and they’ll all live happily ever after just like Angela and Hodgins. Now, if they could only bring Sweets back from the dead, all would be right with the world.

10. Two-Part Finale

Since the series finale will be a two-parter, we predict that every character on the show will end up being in real danger. We also predict some kind of major violence taking place right there in the lab. We predict that the lab team will all have each others’ backs and good will win out over evil one final time on “Bones”.

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