’12 Monkeys’ Producers Assure Fans It’s No Remake


Syfy has decided to produce a show called 12 Monkeys. The show’s basic concept has been done before, in a Bruce Willis action movie of the same name. The movie was based on Bruce Willis having to go back to the past after a virus wipes out a large segment of humanity’s population. However, the movie never made clear if Bruce Willis was a crazy person or really from the future. This central plot point is still a part of the show, despite co-exec EP Terry Matalas assuring fans that the show will be a “complete reimagining”. I feel confident that Syfy will at least attempt to do such a thing, but am unsure if they are capable. They did not, for example, depart at all from the terrible original material for Dominion, which is based off the movie Legion, and partially as a result they are making some of the most boring scripted television SyFy has produced in many years.

If this wasn’t enough to set off warning bells in your heads, the executive producers, Matalas and Travis Fickett have claimed that audiences are ready for this show because of Lost‘s success. Matalas said “We always knew we wanted to do a serialized time travel show as early as five years ago, however, the audience wasn’t ready. Since then they’ve been collectively trained on seasons of Lost.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust Syfy to make a show as high in quality as Lost‘s first season, and I certainly don’t think that arrogantly claiming “the audience wasn’t ready” is a good strategy. “The audience wasn’t ready” is usually how artistic people justify their flops and how television and movie executives save their jobs after disasters.  If you really want to see it however, 12 Monkeys will premiere this January.

[Photo via Warner Bros]

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