13 Most Popular Cars from TV Shows

Tim Gerstenberger January 22, 2014 4

VH-1 Recreates "The Partridge Family"

During the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s cars played a major role on the small screen. If a viewer caught a glimpse of a certain vehicle they would quickly be able to associate what television series it belonged to. Sometimes the vehicle was used to portray social class (think The Beverly Hillbillies’ 1921 Oldsmobile), while other times the car became the lead character (K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider). Take a trip down memory lane and see the most popular cars on TV.

Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

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  • JT

    Really surprised the following were not part of the list:
    Coyote – Hardcastle and McCormick
    Iroc Z – Simon and Simon
    Pontiac GTO/Monkeemobile – The Monkees
    Model T – Munster Koach
    Imperial – The Green Hornet
    All the Ferraris – Miami Vice
    Plymouth Barracuda – Nash and Bridges
    Pontiac Firebird – Rockford Files

    And since you’re doing cartoons:
    Mach Five – Speed Racer
    VW Bug/Bumble Bee – Original Transformers
    Peterbuilt Semi/Optimus Prime – Original Transformers
    Every vehicle from M.A.S.K.

    Really disappointed in Tim G. for allowing some of the ones he did on the list. I don’t throw this around often, but . . . FAIL.

    • Tim Gerstenberger

      I am sorry that you did not agree with the choices I made for the list. Unfortunately, not every vehicle that has been on a TV show could make the cut. Thanks for reading the article even if it was a FAIL.

  • Joe Kohler

    Really Steve Urkle’s car which was in only a handful of episodes but no ’67 Impala from supernatural which is in every episode and even has an episode dedicated to how much the car means to the main characters?

    • Tim Gerstenberger

      You are correct Steve’s car was only in a handful of episodes and it is still remembered today. That makes it even more worthy of appearing on the list. Thanks for reading the article.