The 15 Most Overrated Sitcoms of All Time

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You probably have had the conversation of what television sitcoms are considered overrated with your best friend through a friendly chat or text or even through a discussion at the water cooler with your co-workers.  There are plenty of reasons why a sitcom can be considered overrated: too much critical acclaim, overstaying its welcome, a lame catchphrase, or a combination of all three. I spent days researching what people have been asserting as the most overrated television shows of all time. Here are the top 15. Some of these shows I love, but the people have spoken.

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Tim Gerstenberger received a BA degree in Communication from Saginaw Valley State University and a MSA degree in Human Resources from Central Michigan University. He currently works as a Recruiter for Chemical Bank, one of the largest banks headquartered in the state of Michigan. His past work has been published on Yahoo! and Examiner. He also contributes to other television/celebrity based websites. He has had a passion for TV since an early age and some of his current favorite shows include: Friends, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Happy Endings, Friday Night Lights, Bones, The Mindy Project, Chicago Fire, and The Good Wife. He currently resides in the Bay City, Michigan area.
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  • Nick

    You think It’s Always Sunny is funnier than Community? You must have been dropped on your head as a child!

    • Nick

      That being said, I agree with about half of this, but Fresh Prince, Boy Meets World, and That 70’s Show never fail to make me laugh out loud even now, years later.

  • Sean Douglas McArdle

    Stopped reading at Community. Stick with your job in HR Tim…

  • froggystyle66

    ummm….. you just named the 15 biggest sitcoms of all times and added the word “overrated” to them. Is this somehow an article?

  • Beorn

    The Office. There were a few chuckles here and there, but very soon I realized that I had more than a casual dislike for every character.

  • Tim Gerstenberger

    Articles likes this always tend to stir up some controversy. Like I mentioned at the start of the article, these are not my opinions. They are based on research of what TV fans like yourselves felt were overrated shows. I am sure there are some you don’t agree with and others you were glad to see on the list. I thank you for taking the time to read the article.

  • John W

    You should change the name of the list to shows that stayed on the air too long.

  • devilgod

    “Dissing top ranked shows” would be a better and more correct title. Don’t quit your day job…

  • renato maguire

    if all of those are overrated, what are the best sitcoms? there aren’t left any.

  • Git Picker

    Frasier is not ‘about’ a radio psychologist who gives advice. It’s about his day to day issues with his friends and family. And it was witty and clever. Did you really watch the show?