15 TV Actors that Became Big Screen Stars

Paul November 21, 2012 3

TV is often a springboard for young talent that ends up going on to do amazing things. Many of today’s biggest A-listers got their start in TV when they were young, and it helped them land future roles that would make them big stars.

Whether it’s old favorites like George Clooney or up and comers like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, we’ve got all kinds in this list, and I think you’re going to love the gallery:

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  • http://celebritybackstage.com mellisa miller

    Oh.. I can’t believe that Leonardo was not that good looking on his early days..

  • Manda

    This list has broken my mind. Tom Hanks was on TV and in a dress no less? Whaaat? And Bruce Willis not only had HAIR at one point but was actually attractive (and canoodling with Cybill, no less)?! And Clooney was on Facts of Life? WHAT(I grew up watching him on friggin’ ER)?! BRAIN RUPTURED. *explodes*

  • http://www.kidsfavorite.com nnoyys aa

    i think that leonardo is not so good now but in the olden days yes ….